School Competition

Schools and Young People’s Competition:
September 2019 - May 2020

100 Great Black Britons is part of the history and fabric of our society, this is a fantastic way to engage, encourage and motivate pupils and young people to understand and celebrate the diversity of Britain.

We want schools to encourage pupils and teachers to get involved by developing and sharing exciting ideas, activities and lesson plans which not only support their work for Black History Month in 2019, but also make it easier for other teachers and pupils to integrate the teaching of Black history into school curricula for years to come.

The 100 Great Black Britons school and young people’s competition will run from September 2019 to May 2020.

The competition will be open to all subject areas covering the national curriculum. We hope teachers will use the competition as a unique, refreshing and authentic way of teaching pupils about Black History. We also suggest that teachers facilitate a session in which pupils can brainstorm and come up with their own innovative and creative ideas.

Winners will be notified in September 2020 and will be featured on our website along with the new list of 100 Great Black Britons. Prizes will be presented at school and/or at an awards ceremony in central London.

Competition Objectives:

  • To encourage pupils/young people to be innovative and creative.
  • To promote and develop an awareness and appreciation of diversity, citizenship, inclusion and respect for all.
  • For pupils from diverse backgrounds to feel valued within school and their wider community.
  • For all pupils /young people to have learnt something about celebrated Black Britons.
  • To enable young people to take pride in their heritage, to which their ancestors have contributed, and assisted in the development of modern Britain.
  • For the role of schools in promoting and mainstreaming Black British History.
  • For schools and young people to make use of their local museums and archives to research the stories of local individuals, and lesser known or previously unknown, Great Black Britons who deserve to have their story told and a place in the history books.

Schools competition (ages 5 to 16)

We want schools and pupils to look at the biographies of the nominees at plus other websites, books, magazines and television programmes for sources of inspiration and ideas. They should then research and develop an exciting way to celebrate Great Black Britons in their local school and community. This could be:

  • for an assembly or celebration event (examples could include a slide presentation, a short film, a speech, poetry, a drama or dance performance)
  • for a display (such as artwork, photography, an installation, sculpture or exhibition panels)
  • a resource to be used in teaching and learning (maybe a booklet, computer game, puzzle or animation)
  • a project or campaign (such as recorded interviews, a survey, a magazine, a lesson plan, a music project or a public debate)
  • any other way of promoting the stories of Great Black Britons (perhaps a social media campaign, website design or posters)

The winning entries will be the ones that show some aspect of the chosen Black Britons in a clear and memorable way, so that we understand why they were important.

All entries must focus on one or more Great Black Britons featured on OR potential nominees that the campaign in 2004 should have considered. Judges will need to see the actual work: if it is an event, that will need to be filmed or photographed for the judges to see.


Prizes in the form of black/multicultural educational resources (books, games, software packages) will be awarded in the following categories with the following monetary value:

  • KS1: £150
  • KS2: £200
  • KS3: £300
  • KS4: £400

Young People’s Essay Competition (16 to 25 years)

For the Young Peoples competition, we are looking for an exciting and insightful essay on Black British identity and heritage. We are looking for individuals to write an essay (up to 1000 words) based on one or more of the following competition themes:

  • History of Black People in Wales, Scotland and Ireland
  • What it means to be Black British
  • The diaspora links with Africa and the Caribbean
  • World War 1 & World War 2
  • Windrush Generation and pioneers
  • Women
  • Men
  • LGBTQ+
  • Arts and culture
  • Faith/spirituality
  • Black people in politics
  • Young and older people as role models
  • Occupations and professions
  • Music and entertainment
  • Black People in science and medicine
  • Running your own successful business
  • Public life and citizenship
  • Sports
  • Kings and Queens of the Royal Family
  • Roman Empire and Anglo Saxons
  • Black Presence in the Victorian and Edwardian periods


Prizes in the form of black/multicultural educational resources (books, games, software packages) will be awarded in the following categories with the following monetary value:

  • Winner: £500
  • Runner Up: £300

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The competition runs from September 2019 - May 2020. Winners will be notified in September 2020!

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